Easy Like Water

In the Bangla language, ‘easy like water’ translates roughly to 'piece of cake.' The irony is that in Bangladesh, with 160 million people in a country the size of Wisconsin, water poses a relentless threat. With stronger cyclones and accelerating glacier melt upstream, flooding may create 20 million climate refugees by 2050. A documentary film.


Mohammed Rezwan, an architect by training, has conjured up the equivalent of environmental Jujitsu, harnessing the power of water to educate and unify his community. With a fleet of 54 boats and internet-connected computers powered by the sun, his project is bringing education to rural Bangladeshis, including many girls who have never had access to school before.

While rich countries debate how to reduce emissions, the least developed countries need solutions now. But the question remains, can Rezwan cut through the noise and sell his innovations to the world? This documentary film will follow Rezwan from the revolutionary community he is creating to the global organizations whose decisions hold the key to whether Bangladeshis sink or float.


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