PhD defense Yuliya Vystavna

On 9 March 2012, Ms Yuliya Vystavna will defend her hydrological PhD thesis «Environmental and socio-economic determinants, their impact on trace metals and pharmaceuticals in water courses: a comparison of two watersheds in France and Ukraine».


The objectives of this comparative study of two watersheds in France and Ukraine are threefold:

  1. to determine the occurrence of emerging micro-pollutants (trace metals and pharmaceutical molecules) in surface water,
  2. to allow their qualitative and quantitative estimation and
  3. to estimate their distribution as a function of the socio-economic context.

The socio-economic (statistical) and environmental (mass balance) modelling helps to understand the evolution of the quality of surface waters in their regional context and allows the identification of contaminants as indicators for human activities in a watershed, and the definition of a typology.


The defense will be at 14h30, Amphithéâtre de Géologie (B16), Université Bordeaux-1 Sciences & Technologie.


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