International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks

21–24 May 2011, Prague • The GwFR’2012 conference is a follow-up to the conference GFR2003 – International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rock – held in Prague in 2003, organized by Jiri Krasny et al. The direct incentive was the meeting of the IAH Commission on Hydrogeology of Hard Rocks during the 38th international congress of IAH in Kraków, Poland. It was concluded that, so many years after GFR2003, it would be needed to organize again the conference on groundwater in fractured rocks.


2011_fractured_rockThe themes of the GwFR2012 conference relate to the structure and geohydrological functioning of various geological environments with fracture permeability, and include:

Theme 1 – Hydrogeological sstructure of fractured rocks
Theme 2 – Groundwater flow in fractured rocks
Theme 3 – Chemical, physical and isotope propperties of groundwater in fractured rocks
Theme 4 – Groundwater prospecting, driilling annd well construction in fractured rock environments
Theme 5 – Investigation and interprettation methods in fractured rock environment
Theme 6 – Modelling in fractured rock aquifeers
Theme 7 – Valorisation of frractured rock environment
Theme 8 – Anthropogenic impacts on fractured rock environment
Theme 9 – Groundwater protectionn in fractured rock environment
Theme 10 – Legal and regulatory issues in fractured rock environment


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