UN-Water Activity Information System (UNW-AIS)

The UN-Water Activity Information System (UNWAIS) is now online. The information system helps you to find activities, projects and programmes of UN-Water agencies, according to certain criteria.

UN-Water_logo_smallThe UN-Water Activity Information System (UNWAIS) is an online tool for managing, representing, analyzing and querying as well as disseminating information on existing water-related programmes, projects and activities carried out by UN-Water members, partners and associated programmes. The UN-Water AIS provides a ‘common point of entry’ to UN agencies’ activities on transboundary waters for countries, donors, academia and any other interested members of the public.

Currently, the UNWAIS contains information on UN-Water members’ and partners’ activities regarding transboundary waters which were collected in 2009–2010 during the Mapping Exercise of the UN-Water Thematic Priority Area on Transboundary Waters, co-coordinated by UNECE and UNESCO.

The information system has been developed by the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC) in consultation with UNECE and UNESCO as well as the UN-Water communications manager.


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