21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting

21–25 June 2010, Azores • The 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM21 – AZORES 2010) will this year be held at the University of Azores, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

The 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting aims to provide a forum for those who are actively involved in and/or affected by salt water intrusion problems, management of coastal aquifers and submarine groundwater discharge. This includes those studying the marine environment as well as those from the terrestrial side. In keeping with 42 years of the Salt Water Intrusion Meeting tradition, the meeting in Azores will consist of an informal environment.


Conference topics

1. Geochemistry to study saltwater intrusion
2. Applied geophysics to study saltwater intrusion
3. Case studies of saltwater intrusion
4. Management of coastal aquifers
5. Submarine groundwater discharge
6. Impacts of increased water demand on coastal water resources and ecosystems
7. Effects of sea level rise and climate change
8. Variable density flow and transport modeling
9. New developing methods to characterise coastal groundwater systems


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