Deltas in Times of Climate Change

29 September–1 October 2010, Rotterdam • Deltas in Times of Climate Change
Deltas have a lot to offer. They are close to the sea and inland waterways. Their soils are fertile. They are therefore the base of many large and fast growing cities. But as populations grow, deltas and their cities are becoming more vulnerable. Floods, land subsidence, traffic congestion, air pollution and salt intrusion loom up as common threats. Climate change aggravates these problems.

Two Dutch research programmes on climate change and spatial planning (Climate changes Spatial Planning and Knowledge for Climate), the city of Rotterdam and the Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate invite scientists, politicians, policymakers and practitioners to share their experience and knowledge in a major international conference. The conference will be held in Rotterdam, since Rotterdam is at theforefront of climate adaptation: it turns challenges into opportunitiesand takes integrated measures to create a safer city and region. This strategy will result in a more attractive city to live, recreate, workand invest in.

The overall scope of the conference is planning and investments in times of climate change.

The three main goals of te conference are:
1. exchange of up-to-date top science on climate change and delta planning
2. strengthening of international cooperation between deltas and delta cities
3. exploring and strengthening the links between science, policy and practitioners at international level


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