Hydrology and water management in the humid tropics

During the Week of 21–26 March 1999, a series of parallel meetings took place in Panama City, Republic of Panama, which collectively was referred to as Water Week in Panama. The Second International Colloquium on Hydrology and Water Management in the Humid Tropics, as one of these events, brought together a group of leading researchers and water managers from around the world who work in the humid tropics region or execute research programs related to the hydrology of these regions.

The Colloquium consisted of presentations of technical papers and discussions on the following themes:
• Multi-dimensional Approach to Water Management
• Climate Variability and the Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources
• Surface, Sub-surface and Ground Water Quality
• Urban Hydrology
• Tropical Island Hydrology
• An Ecohydrological Perspective of Montane Cloud Forests


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