Design of Water Resources Projects with Inadequate Data

Design of Water Resources Projects with Inadequate Data / Elaboration des projets d’utilisation des ressources en eau sans données suffisantes
Proceedings of the Madrid Symposium, June 1973 / Actes du colloque de Madrid, Juin I973

Studies and reports in hydrology/Études et rapports d'hydrologie 16
Volume 1–3, Co-edition Unesco-WMO-IAHS / Coédition Unesco-OMM-AISH, 1299 pp.


The Symposium on the Development of Water Resources Projects with Inadequate Data was held in Madrid from 4 to 8 June 1973 for the purpose of focusing on the methodology for hydrologic studies for water resources projects with inadequate data and on current practices for the assessment of design parameters.

The Symposium was opened at the Palacio de Exposiciones on the morning of 4 June by the Minister of Public Works of Spain. Addresses were then given by Dr. Dumitrescu on behalf of the Director General of Unesco, Professor Nevmec on behalf of the Secretary-General of WMO, Dr. Rodier as President of IAHS and by Dr. Briones, on behalf of the Spanish National Committee for the IHD.

The Symposium was attended by 480 participants from 77 countries. The technical programme, detailed in the Table of Contents, included consideration of 3 major areas:
1. Methodology for hydrological studies with inadequate data,
2. Current practices in different countries,
3. Relation between project economics and hydrological data.

Each area was further sub-divided into topics for each of which the individually contributed papers were abstracted into a general report, orally presented by an invited expert, and followed by discussion. Since the individual papers were not presented at the Symposium orally by the authors, they are reproduced here in the order in which they were reported in each general report under each topic.

Includes a Dutch contribution: Evaluation of Local Water Resources in an Semi-Arid Hard Rock Region by Using Photo-hydrological Indices, by A.M.J. Meijerink.


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