Short course on Water Conflict Management

UNESCO’s PCCP and the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education are organizing two short courses on «Negotiation and mediation for water conflict management», which will take place in The Hague and Delft, The Netherlands.

If you are interested in attending these courses, kindly note that only a few places are left for the second course on «Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management II». The organizers managed to set a special fee, and can therefore offer a discount on the tuition fee of € 2000. This means that the tuition fee for WCM II in 2010 only will be set for € 250.

This second short course, to be held from 1 to 19 March 2010, will offer a recap of basic concepts in, and will introduce advanced processes related to, conflict resolution and cooperation building. It will provide in-depth skills training. Cases of transboundary water conflicts will be discussed with invited speakers from the field of water governance and conflict resolution. A two-day role play, during which the participants will apply all the skills they will have learned, will conclude the course.

The first WCM course, to be held in February, is not a prerequisite for this second short course. Depending on their preference, participants can follow only one or both courses. Both courses are only offered in English.

For more information about the registration process, please read the flyer for the «Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management II» course.

Information regarding these courses is also available on UNESCO-IHE’s page for short courses.


acrobat_icon Flyer for the «Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management II» course