Advances in Flood Forecasting and Risk Management

25–26 May 2010, Alkmaar • International Workshop on Advances in Flood Forecasting and the Implications for Risk Management.
Recent developments in flood forecasting allow for better quantification of uncertainties that come with flood forecasting modelling.

Information about uncertainties must be communicated to decision makers as well as to the general public. The change from pure deterministic to more probabilistic forecasts is a challenge for all stages of flood risk management. The workshop will present recent developments, look for knowledge gaps and discuss new perspectives.



– To introduce new approaches in hydrological and meteorological forecasting
– To discuss ways of assessing, communicating and accepting uncertainty
– To improve practical decision making based on a better understanding of theory
– To foster integrated approaches (model chain, risk assessment, decision and communication)
– To explore ways of integrating predictive uncertainty into decision making processes
– To address the benefits of forecasting systems


Organized by the International Commission for the Hydrology of the River Rhine Basin (CHR), the Netherlands and German National Committees IHP-HWRP, and international partners.

Scientists, decision makers and stakeholders in the field of flood prediction, flood prevention and crisis management are invited to discuss these issues during a two-day workshop.


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