Ecosystem conservation and groundwater

IAH, the International Association of Hydrogeologists, has published a new series: IAH’s Strategic Overview papers. The new series is designed both to inform professionals in other sectors of key interactions with groundwater resources and hydrogeological sciences and to guide IAH members in their efforts to promote improved understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources to related sectors. The papers are an authoritative summary for each topic drawing on the collective international experience of IAH, and are also a contribution to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Association. The latest Strategic Overview paper is on «Ecosystem conservation and groundwater». 


2016.05.30 IAH SOS Ecosystem Conservation Groundwateracrobat icon Ecosystem conservation and groundwater


A groundwater-dependent ecosystem is a community of micro-organisms, animals and plants, and associated substrates, whose functioning relies on the presence of water under the ground and/or its emergence to the surface. Some groundwater-dependent ecosystems are supported entirely by groundwater while others also receive water from different sources, but the groundwater contribution is critical as regards water chemistry to nourish certain species, and provide stable water temperature and absence of sediment load.


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