XXXVIIIth IAH Congress

The Polish Chapter of IAH and the AGH University of Science and Technology have pleasure to host the XXXVIII Congress in Krakow, Poland, from 12 to 17 September 2010.

IAH2010_logoSince the Congress will be held in Europe, the leading theme: Groundwater quality sustainability is linked with implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. The year 2010 is the time when the formulation of programmes aimed at preventing further deterioration of groundwater quality in EU Member States must be completed.

Any sustainable development programme requires appropriate knowledge of groundwater functioning. This is implied as a prerequisite to understand: (i) groundwater resources and their availability, and (ii) the dependence between groundwater and the environment. Such awareness could be achieved through understanding of groundwater flow: from local to regional scale. Understanding of groundwater flow at its relevant temporal and spatial scales is a must in studies involving engineering, geography, agriculture, ecology, and in a broader sense, in environmentally related issues.

The Congress is aimed at scientists, researchers, students, engineers, water resources specialists, consultants, officials, government administrators and educators, and those interested in groundwater and the environment. It will enable them to exchange ideas, knowledge, experience, techniques and the know-how in studies, investigations and practical applications related to groundwater issues. An important task of the Congress will be to communicate more effectively with the general public and non-groundwater specialists.


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