Water legislation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine under transformation

Water legislation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine is under transformation from Soviet to EU environmental standards. This shift requires significant changes in the terminology, structure and content of water laws. At present, the main shortcomings of the water legislation of the three countries and its practical implementation are: (1) fragmentation of water legislation, which translates into poorly defined responsibilities; (2) significant discrepancies between different laws on property rights and the responsibilities of natural resource users; and (3) outdated water quality standards. A new paper by Yuliya Vystavna, Maryna Cherkashyna and Michael van der Valk describes the changes needed to transform the water legislation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine from Soviet to EU environmental standards. 

General problems for integration with EU legislation are significant discrepancies not only in terminology but also in the overall concept of water resource protection. Future legislation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine should reflect new international practices and approaches in water protection. Effective mechanisms of practical implementation must also be introduced into various water sectors.


acrobat icon Water laws of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – current problems and integration with EU legislation