The Economist: Counting the cost of calamities

»If human nature cannot be changed, government policy can be. That might mean spending more on preventing disaster so as to cut its costs. Roughly 20% of humanitarian aid is now spent responding to disasters, whereas a paltry (but rising) 0.7% is spent on preventive measures taken to mitigate their possible consequences, according to the World Bank. The Netherlands, whose existence has long been at the mercy of nature, may be at the forefront of rethinking how to cope with it.«, according to The Economist.

Water Youth Movement to start discussions on water challenges and solutions

Youth Diplomacy (a French youth think tank) and young Dutch water enthousiasts have started the Water Youth Movement, a network of youth organizations. It gathers young, enthusiastic people who believe that it is important to give young people all over the world a say in how their future should look like. Participants of youth initiatives are invited to contribute to the youth vision, while several discussions are being set up.

PhD defense Yuliya Vystavna

On 9 March 2012, Ms Yuliya Vystavna will defend her hydrological PhD thesis «Environmental and socio-economic determinants, their impact on trace metals and pharmaceuticals in water courses: a comparison of two watersheds in France and Ukraine».

World Water Week in Stockholm: 2011 Conclusions and 2012 Announcement

The Overarching Conclusions of the 2011 World Water Week in Stockholm («Responding to Global Changes: Water in an Urbanising World») capture the outcomes from, and the discussions at the 2011 World Water Week in Stockholm. The first chapter outlines the key issues and insights advanced during the week. In the second chapter, five teams of senior and junior rapporteurs offer their narrative on five thematic streams that they covered during the week. Simultaneously, the 1st Announcement for the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm, 26–31 August  2012, invites interested individuals and organisations to submit workshop abstracts or proposals to convene a seminar or side event.

The impacts of water infrastructure and climate change on the hydrology of the Upper Ganges River Basin

IWMI Research Report 142 assesses the variability of flows under present and ‘naturalized’ basin conditions in the Upper Ganges Basin. Furthermore, a regional climate model was used to generate climate projections for the basin, with subsequent simulations of future river flows.

PhD candidate «Assessment of the impact of climate change on the stocks and fluxes of nutrients, toxicants and pathogens at the river basin scale»

This four-year PhD position is offered within the department of Physical Geography at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, in collaboration with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment – RIVM in Bilthoven (the Netherlands) and the Soil Quality section at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). The PhD project is part of the RIVM-funded «Climate Cascades» project that involves two parallel PhD projects.

Nordic Water 2012: Catchment Restoration and Water Protection

13–15 August 2012, Oulu • The XXVIIth Nordic Hydrological Conference will be in Finland. It is all about hydrology in a wide sense. The main theme focuses on catchment restoration and water protection. The subjects will revolve widely around the main theme with oral and poster presentations, and special workshops.

Improving the evidence for ecosystem-based adaptation

Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation integrate the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services into an overall strategy for helping people adapt to climate change. The body of scientific evidence that indicates how effective they are is in some cases lacking but in other cases is dispersed across a range of related fields, such as natural resource management, disaster risk reduction and agroecology, from which it needs to be synthesised. Without presenting and strengthening this evidence in a consolidated way, ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation cannot secure the policy traction at local, national and international levels that it merits.

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